Should I Buy Treasury Inflation Protected Securities?

Later this week the Bureau of Labor Statistics will release the next inflation report. According to The Conference Board, U.S. consumers expect May’s inflation reading to be largely unchanged from the 8.3% annual reading from last month. This could be good news or bad news, depending on your perspective.

We’ve shared plenty of thoughts on how investors should think about their bond investments given the high level of current inflation. And we’ve provided insight on the benefit of real assets in an inflationary environment. This week, Heritage Chief Investment Officer, Bob Weisse, is answering the question:

Should I buy Treasury Inflation Protected Securities?

You can listen to Bob’s thoughts in this brief 23 minute episode of our podcast, Wealthy Behavior. He addresses this question head on in the first 5 minutes of the discussion with host Sammy Azzouz.

Should I buy Treasury Inflation Protected Securities?

What else are Bob and Sammy talking about in this short episode?

Bob shares his thoughts on whether the worst is behind us when it comes to stock prices. They also discuss why the traditional rebalancing strategy of rotating out of bonds and into stocks during equity market corrections may not be ideal in this stock market pullback.

Listen to the full 23 minute episode to hear:

  • How to reconcile a tough economic outlook with valuations that now look pretty favorable
  • Why the bond market is starting to look good now
  • Where to find opportunities in international stock markets
  • How our return expectations for stocks and bonds have changed since the start of this year

Sammy invites Bob to share what’s on his desk – the investing topics he’s currently working on – with our podcast audience at least once a month. Subscribe to Wealthy Behavior: Talking Money and Wealth with Heritage Financial to make sure you stay up-to-date on the latest thoughts from our Chief Investment Officer.

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