Meticulous wealth management is worry-free.

You don’t question if critical details are being covered. You don’t wonder how you’ll stay on top of every aspect of your plan. That’s our job. At Heritage, our three-person Wealth Management Teams provide a wide variety of services for you in-house. Most fall into the broad categories of financial planning and investing. Many others are ancillary, but still essential. In total, we cover big picture and detailed execution, anticipating your needs and keeping you one step ahead. Here’s an overview of all we do for you.

Financial Planning

Before you can invest intelligently, you need to establish your personal context. Planning starts the moment we begin speaking with you. The process helps give concrete expression to everything that’s important to you.


Once we’ve completed your financial plan, we build an investment strategy tailored to the amount and type of risk you want to take on, the level of returns you’re targeting and the liquidity you need. Our team of investment specialists conducts painstaking due diligence on every investment vehicle we recommend.

Integration and Execution

There’s a lot of connective tissue between planning and investing and the rest of your financial infrastructure. We get directly involved in it all. We don’t just theorize or make strategic recommendations and walk away — we help you execute, down to the fine details.

Our process

From here to serenity

Complimentary Three Meeting Process allows you to road test working with us before you become a client

  • 1


    You talk. We listen. We learn all about your goals, objectives, financial situation, and what keeps you up at night.

  • 2

    State of The Union

    We provide an analysis of your current financial position and compare that to your goals and objectives.

  • 3


    We present a detailed financial plan with custom recommendations and investment strategies.