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Our planning is meticulous. The clarity it gives you is invigorating.

What do you value most in life?
What kind of lifestyle do you want?
What kind of legacy do you want to leave?

We want to know your dreams and aspirations. That’s the foundation of your personal financial plan. But there’s more. We’re going to ask about all the small details, because they matter.

At Heritage, we monitor over 100 distinct data points for our clients' financial plans.

Those data points cover specific details relating to retirement planning, asset protection, debt management, social security, estate planning, income tax planning, charitable giving, college savings, and more.

Our Financial Planning Checklist ensures these important details are:

  • Tracked by our systems
  • Systematically shared with your Wealth Management Team to prompt reviews and updates with you to make sure nothing gets stale or goes overlooked
  • Monitored as the investing and regulatory environment changes, so we can make recommendations about changes you should be considering

But there’s more. We believe maintaining and monitoring this level of detail is so crucial to the effectiveness of your financial plan, that we have tied the tracking and updating of this information to the goals and incentives of our Financial Planning and Wealth Management teams.

Your financial plan is dynamic because life is.

  • Wondering if you can afford a second home? We can run scenarios on different financing strategies.
  • Thinking about setting a retirement date? We can review “what-if” scenarios and stress-test the assumptions under different market environments.
  • Worried about changes to tax laws? We can show you the impact and help you plan.

We are constantly reviewing your goals, celebrating your accomplishments, and making recommendations. All while collaborating with your other advisors.

When we say every detail matters, we mean it.

Our process

From here to serenity

Complimentary Three Meeting Process allows you to road test working with us before you become a client

  • 1


    You talk. We listen. We learn all about your goals, objectives, financial situation, and what keeps you up at night.

  • 2

    State of The Union

    We provide an analysis of your current financial position and compare that to your goals and objectives.

  • 3


    We present a detailed financial plan with custom recommendations and investment strategies.

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