Strategic Asset Allocation Services

Identifying an appropriate strategic asset allocation for your total investment portfolio is the first step in our process.

  • We analyze your overall financial planning goals to determine an appropriate level of risk for your investments.

  • We run a sophisticated proprietary investment analysis to identify an investment strategy that aligns with that risk target based on our long-term forecasts for return, volatility, and correlations across a broad range of asset classes.

  • We recommend a globally diversified allocation across public equities (U.S., developed international, and emerging markets), bonds, real assets, alternative investments and, where appropriate, private equity, credit, and real estate.

  • Once we have identified your total portfolio’s asset allocation, we will examine your various account types to determine an asset location strategy that optimizes tax-efficiency in line with your strategic asset allocation.

We will adjust your strategic asset allocation over time if (1) a change in your financial plan warrants an adjustment or (2) significant investment risks or opportunities arise in market conditions.

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