Investing Strategies for the Long-Term

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Investing beyond traditional stocks and bonds

Today’s markets require long-term investing strategies, rigorous risk management, a broad opportunity set, and robust systems for real-time monitoring. 

Now that you’ve accumulated a meaningful amount of wealth, it’s time to move beyond the traditional 60/40 stock and bond investment portfolio. 

Heritage Financial’s in-house investment team, with advanced designations and access to more than 10,000 investment products including alternative and private investments, can help you formulate a long-term investing strategy for your overall financial plan.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is centered around several key principals:

  • Strategic asset allocation is the primary driver of a portfolio’s performance.
  • Your risk tolerance, not some arbitrary return target, should drive your strategic asset allocation.
  • Value investing rewards long-term investors, so it makes sense to overweight asset classes and strategies that are trading at attractive valuations.
  • Broad market coverage across stocks, bonds, alternatives investments, and real assets is key to building globally diversified investment portfolios that manage risk.
  • Alternative and private investments can significantly improve the opportunity set and risk controls in a portfolio, when available.
  • Asset classes are more or less efficient, with more efficient markets favoring passive investing strategies and less efficient markets favoring active strategies.
  • Rebalancing is a sensible methodology for risk management but must be executed in a way that minimizes transaction costs and taxable gains.
  • Disciplined execution of a sound investment process is key to avoiding the emotional biases that expose investors to costly mistakes.

Our investment approach is thoughtfully designed and intentionally structured to help you maximize return potential for your risk tolerance level and keep as much of that return as possible by avoiding the most common, costly, and unnecessary risks that plague even the most experienced investors.

To maximize your investment return for your unique situation and risk tolerance:

To help you keep as much of your investment returns as possible:

We communicate the results clearly,
so you’re always apprised of where you stand.

Our Investment Process

Our disciplined process seeks to add value in four distinct ways:


Asset Allocation

A risk-centric starting point that ensures tax-efficient, global exposure consistent with the goals of your overall financial plan.


Investment Selection

An exercise done in partnership with a nationally recognized institutional consulting firm that provides access to the styles and vehicles that align our investment philosophy with the goals of your financial plan.



An important tool structured to manage the risk of deviating from your strategic asset allocation with the trading and tax costs associated with making periodic portfolio adjustments.


Disciplined Execution and Ongoing Monitoring

A key part of our process driven by our robust trading and monitoring systems which allow us to avoid emotional biases and engage in highly proactive communication with you.

Our Investment Team

With CFA® (Chartered Financial Analyst) and CAIA® (Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst) designations, our Boston-based investment and trading team collaborates with a nationally recognized institutional investment consultant with more than 100 investment professionals to execute long-term investment strategies designed to maximize return potential for your unique situation and risk tolerance while helping you keep as much of that return as possible.

Truman Strug

Portfolio Associate

Timothy Mead

Head Trader

Andreane Bolduc, CFA, CAIA®

Portfolio Accounting Manager

Michael Waldron, CFA, CFP®

Director of Portfolio Management

Robert Weisse, CFA, CFP®

Chief Investment Officer
Our process

From here to serenity

Complimentary Three Meeting Process allows you to road test working with us before you become a client

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    You talk. We listen. We learn all about your goals, objectives, financial situation, and what keeps you up at night.

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    State of The Union

    We provide an analysis of your current financial position and compare that to your goals and objectives.

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    We present a detailed financial plan with custom recommendations and long term investing strategies.

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