Robert Weisse, CFA, CFP®

Chief Investment Officer

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Bob is a Massachusetts native with an entrepreneurial spirit. In middle school, his father explained to him that his savings account was in a stock mutual fund; that meant that Bob was an owner of many of America’s best businesses and he received a tiny fraction of the profit every time a Happy Meal® was sold. This concept fascinated him. From that early age, he was hooked on investing.

Bob graduated from Babson College, where he played baseball and prepared for a career as an entrepreneur. He wanted to join a small firm where he could see the end results of his work and have a direct impact on clients. Then he discovered Heritage and joined the firm as a research analyst.

Early in his career with Heritage, Bob contributed to many aspects of the business, including investment decision-making. Over time, he became the firm’s Chief Investment Officer, responsible for structuring portfolios to meet return objectives while minimizing risk. In his role as CIO, he feels one of the most important aspects of his job is to focus on the big picture, especially on getting the asset allocation right, which he believes drives the majority of a portfolio’s return.

When he’s not researching investments and taking care of clients, Bob spends time with his wife and young family. He’s involved with his local church and youth sports where you’ll frequently see him on the court or field as a coach.