Kristin Castner, CFA

Chief Marketing Officer


Kristin was born and raised in Rochester, New York. The second of a family of five children, she credits her parents for an upbringing that taught her the value of hard work and the importance of saving. To this day, her father never misses an opportunity to remind her of the time she called home from college in tears because she hadn’t been balancing her checkbook and didn’t know if she could cover her bills.

It was fitting, then, that she pursued Business Management, with a concentration in Finance, at the State University of New York at Geneseo. In the hills just south of Rochester, where the wind blew lake effect snow for months on end, Kristin decided that she would someday live in a warmer climate. That goal, however, was put on hold when she was offered an entry-level role with a Rochester-based money manager. It was the perfect opportunity to start learning the business in which she wanted to build a career. She never imagined she would spend 22 years at that firm, rising to Managing Director, a member of the Executive Management Team, and a shareholder.

Now, as Chief Marketing Officer at Heritage, Kristin is responsible for overall marketing strategy, with a focus on communicating the firm’s message and creating outreach programs to engage the firm’s clients, partners and prospective clients.

Outside of Heritage, Kristin is a certified health and lifestyle coach, actively involved in assisting high-performing women to strike a balance between health and career. Having now escaped the snowy northeast, she resides in a geography where she pursues a variety of hobbies that support her healthy lifestyle, including gardening, cooking and outdoor activities.