2021 Mid-Year Outlook

Access our full 2021 Mid-Year Outlook to read more about how our key investment themes are playing out this year, and what we expect for the second half of the year.

Is an IRA to Roth Conversion Right for Me?

The tax code permits you to convert some or all of your Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA regardless of your age or income...

Will My Beneficiaries Have To Pay Taxes On My Life Insurance Policy?

Under current law, death benefit proceeds from life insurance are generally income tax-free. If you name a spouse, child, or other individual as a beneficiary to a life insurance policy you own, that person will not have to report any of the proceeds as income due to your death.

Four Tools to Protect Against Inflation

Everyone is talking about the likelihood of inflation. We first started to hear concerns when the U.S. Federal Reserve Board (“the Fed”) responded to last year’s pandemic recession by lowering rates and injecting liquidity into the economy. To be fair, it was the same concern that was raised the last time the Fed lowered rates ...
tax planning 2022

Tax and Estate Planning for 2022

Here are the major personal tax changes anticipated to be effective starting in 2022 (unless otherwise noted).

Financial Planning Issues from Covid

Highlights of recent regulatory, tax and market actions that impact Financial Plans
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