3 Reasons to Invest in Real Assets…And How to Do It (Video)

Earlier this year our Investment Team shared the following in our 2022 Market Outlook:

“We believe broadening exposure to real assets can help guard against the shifting tides and sources of inflation and help maintain long-term purchasing power of portfolios while diversifying away from equity risks.”

And we wrote about the benefits of real assets in detail in our blog post titled “Which Price Increases are Here to Stay?

We noted how real assets were providing a nice risk-return trade-off in our clients’ portfolios. Over the last year, they have experienced a return trajectory more similar to what you would expect from stocks. At the same time, their volatility experience has been more like what you would expect from bonds.

So, what exactly are “real assets”?  How can investors participate in real asset investments like infrastructure and timberland? Why is now an ideal time to be incorporating real assets into your diversified portfolio?

Find the answers to those questions and more in this short video from Versus Capital. Heritage works closely with Versus to provide exposure to real assets in our clients’ globally diversified portfolios.

At Heritage Financial, our approach to investing goes beyond traditional stock and bond investments. We believe dynamic bonds, real assets, alternatives, and private investments can all be important sources of return and risk management. Learn more about our investment process, and reach out to us if you are curious about how an allocation to real assets might work in your current investment portfolio.

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