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About Wealthy Behavior: Heritage Financial Services

Wealthy Behavior digs into the topics, strategies, and behaviors that are key to building and protecting personal wealth and living a rich life. We’re Boston Massachusetts-based wealth managers who have been helping busy, successful people pursue their financial goals for more than 25 years. Hosted by Sammy Azzouz, President of Heritage Financial, Wealthy Behavior digs into the topics, strategies, and behaviors that are key to building and protecting personal wealth and living a rich life.

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Getting Into Holiday “Spirits”

Holiday parties and planning are in full swing! As a host, what should you serve your thirsty guests? You want to be a gracious guest, what should you bring?

Burgundy, Bordeaux, or bubbles? What’s up with the bourbon craze? Have limited budget? What should and shouldn’t you spend it on? We are joined by Gordon Fine Wines & Liquors, Ken Gordon, Owner & Spirits Buyer, and Chelsea Bell, a Certified Sommelier and the Director of Events & Marketing, to help take your parties and gifting to the next level.

This episode will surely bring the “Rum-pa-pa-pum” to your holidays!

Links to some of the wines and spirits mentioned in the episode are below:

Mezcal – La Luna Espadincillo Mezcal
Tequila – Clase Azul Plata
Bourbon – Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon
Peaty Scotch – Ardbeg Corryvreckan
Champagne – NV Moutard Brut Grande Cuvée
Pinot Noir – 2018 St. Innocent Temperance Hill Pinot Noir (Willamette Valley)
Beaujolais- 2018 Julien Sunier Fleurie (Beaujolais)
Bordeaux –2019 Clos Petit Corbin St. Emilion (Bordeaux) and/or 2016 Chateau Marquis de Terme Margaux

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Episode 16

November Market Update: The Beginning of the End?

Month to month the markets have been performing differently, but throughout 2022 the story has remained the same. Inflation is high, the Fed is fighting inflation by raising rates – it’s surprising the markets are so sensitive and seem to be getting surprised by this repetition.

In this market update, Sammy Azzouz and Heritage Financial’s CIO, Bob Weisse, discuss the future of large rate hikes, what we need to see before inflation can come under control, the return to more normalized mortgage rates, why it’s a great time to put money to work across the markets, and some end-of-year ideas for keeping more of what you make.

We’d love to hear from you! Email us at

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Episode 15

The Worst Financial Advice On the Internet

As Heritage Financial’s Director of Financial Planning, Ed Jastrem is no stranger to hearing and reading outlandish financial “advice” such as don’t use a 529 plan because it will lower your financial aid, or pay off all your debt before investing, and use life insurance for tax free investing. Not all these statements are black and white. There may be some truth to them, but you can’t take them at face value because there are more unintended consequences than what can be seen on the surface. On this episode of Wealthy Behavior, we set the facts straight on some of the worst retirement planning, college savings, life insurance, and credit card “advice” on the internet.

Find more valuable financial advice in Beyond the Basics: Maximizing, Allocating, and Protecting Your Capital.

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Episode 14

October Market Update: Is the Fed Overshooting?

Though summer has ended, investors felt the heat during September’s mini meltdown. In this episode host, Sammy Azzouz, and Heritage Financial’s CIO, Bob Weisse, discuss what rattled the markets, the glimmers of hope that are beginning to appear, and…

  • The Feds olive branch to the markets
  • Why overshooting the correction is better than coming up short
  • The U.K.’s startling currency crash after the government tried to boost growth
  • Why the worst year on record for bonds should start to excite investors
  • Opportunities in private credit and how it works
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Episode 13

Who Says Bonds Are Boring?

Host Sammy Azzouz gets an inside look at the wild ride of storied bond shop, PIMCO, with guest Mary Childs, author of The Bond King. Sammy and Mary talk candidly about the lessons that individual investors can take away from the highs and lows of the Bill Gross/PIMCO story, from the genius of Bill as a trader and how he saw the great financial crisis coming before most, to his fame in becoming a household name and the adoration he craved the more famous he became, to the bold trade that signaled the early cracks in the kingdom, and the alleged culture of abuse that ultimately couldn’t survive all the drama.

If you ever thought bonds were boring, you’re going to want to hear this episode!

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Episode 12

September Market Update: A New Direction?

For much of August, markets were heating up in the wake of a relatively favorable earnings season. But the August rally ended following Fed Chairman Powell’s bearish comments and foreshadowing of economic pain to come, which caught the markets off guard.

Markets are volatile with some pessimism mixed in, but we don’t see a lot of overreaction and panic today. So what should investors do? That depends on where you are at in your investing journey – Accumulators and Spenders need to act differently. Our CIO, Bob Weisse, provides his thoughts on each investor type and what their focus should be.

It’s the golden age of information and misinformation. Sammy and Bob discuss whose investment comments they find valuable, who they recommend avoiding, and how they decipher commentary facts from opinion.

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Episode 11

Not All Investments Are a Bust This Year

While global stocks and bonds have struggled so far in 2022, hard assets with contractual cash flows have done well and will probably continue this path so long as inflation is elevated. What are “hard assets with contractual cash flows”? And how do you invest in them? Versus Capital Chief Investment Officer, Casey Frazier, explains it all on this episode of Wealthy Behavior.

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Episode 10

August Market Update: Why Are Stocks Up In the Face of a Recession?

July’s market moves seemed paradoxical – a recession becomes more likely, yet stocks rose during the month. Investor concerns are shifting from inflation being the top concern to the anticipation of an economic recession.

– Can the fed get inflation down to a good place without sending us into recession?
– What does the market want to see with the economy and inflation numbers?
– If we go into recession will it be short, shallow, long or deep? Can it even be categorized at this point?

Tune in to hear what our investment team is looking at now, and what investors should be doing as things play out.

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Episode 9

Presidents and Your Wealth

In honor of America’s birthday, this month’s episode of Wealthy Behavior digs into the history of our country’s banking, currency, and overall economic system, and how key decisions made almost 250 years ago are the drivers of our wealth today. Host Sammy Azzouz is joined by guest and fellow history buff Michael Waldron, Director of Portfolio Management at Heritage Financial, to talk about:

– the first ever U.S. asset bubble more than 200 years ago and how it’s related to our current banking system,
– what the transition to the greenback after the Civil War can tell us about digital currencies today, and
– what role today’s Coast Guard and prohibition played in our current tax system.

An intriguing listen for anyone building wealth, even if you aren’t a history buff yourself.

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Episode 8

It IS Different This Time. It’s Actually Not As Bad

Wealthy Behavior Host, Sammy Azzouz, and Heritage Chief Investment Officer, Bob Weisse, are back covering what’s happening in the markets in real time. In this episode they discuss:

– The probability of the Fed achieving a soft landing
– What Bob considers the best indicator of a buying opportunity for stocks
– Why this bear market is different than 2008 and 2020, and why it’s not as bad
– How much pain is left for bond investors
– The one investment both Sammy and Bob agree is their least favorite right now

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