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Wealthy Behavior digs into the topics, strategies, and behaviors that are key to building and protecting personal wealth and living a rich life. We’re Boston Massachusetts-based wealth managers who have been helping busy, successful people pursue their financial goals for more than 25 years. Hosted by Sammy Azzouz, President of Heritage Financial, Wealthy Behavior digs into the topics, strategies, and behaviors that are key to building and protecting personal wealth and living a rich life.

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Episode 10

August Market Update: Why Are Stocks Up In the Face of a Recession?

July’s market moves seemed paradoxical – a recession becomes more likely, yet stocks rose during the month. Investor concerns are shifting from inflation being the top concern to the anticipation of an economic recession.

– Can the fed get inflation down to a good place without sending us into recession?
– What does the market want to see with the economy and inflation numbers?
– If we go into recession will it be short, shallow, long or deep? Can it even be categorized at this point?

Tune in to hear what our investment team is looking at now, and what investors should be doing as things play out.

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Episode 9

Presidents and Your Wealth

In honor of America’s birthday, this month’s episode of Wealthy Behavior digs into the history of our country’s banking, currency, and overall economic system, and how key decisions made almost 250 years ago are the drivers of our wealth today. Host Sammy Azzouz is joined by guest and fellow history buff Michael Waldron, Director of Portfolio Management at Heritage Financial, to talk about:

– the first ever U.S. asset bubble more than 200 years ago and how it’s related to our current banking system,
– what the transition to the greenback after the Civil War can tell us about digital currencies today, and
– what role today’s Coast Guard and prohibition played in our current tax system.

An intriguing listen for anyone building wealth, even if you aren’t a history buff yourself.

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Episode 8

It IS Different This Time. It’s Actually Not As Bad

Wealthy Behavior Host, Sammy Azzouz, and Heritage Chief Investment Officer, Bob Weisse, are back covering what’s happening in the markets in real time. In this episode they discuss:

– The probability of the Fed achieving a soft landing
– What Bob considers the best indicator of a buying opportunity for stocks
– Why this bear market is different than 2008 and 2020, and why it’s not as bad
– How much pain is left for bond investors
– The one investment both Sammy and Bob agree is their least favorite right now

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Episode 7

Are You Getting Paid for the Money You Spend?

Wealthy people spend money. Smart wealthy people find a way to get paid for the money they spend. In this episode of Wealthy Behavior, we’re talking with Joe Waters, Jr., Certified Financial Planner and Senior Wealth Advisor with Heritage Financial, about using credit card rewards programs to maximize the power of your wealth and get some free perks along the way.

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Episode 6

Is the worst behind us for stocks or is this a good entry point?

In this bonus episode of Wealthy Behavior, host Sammy Azzouz asks Heritage Chief Investment Officer, Bob Weisse, this question and more. Listen to hear Bob’s thoughts on the likelihood for further declines in stocks, why he doesn’t suggest investing in TIPS despite current inflation levels, and how investors should be thinking about rebalancing their portfolios in the current environment.

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Episode 5

Investment Insights from an Industry Legend

This month on Wealthy Behavior, industry legend Chuck Bean, Founder and CEO of Heritage Financial, is sharing his insight from more than three decades as an investor, financial planner, and entrepreneur. Listen as he talks to Sammy about investing in today’s markets, the top financial planning mistakes he sees wealthy people make (and how to avoid them), the most important thing business owners can do to add value to their business, and how to be successful in life.

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Episode 4

What’s Going on with the FAANG Stocks?

In this bonus episode of Wealthy Behavior, Sammy talks to Heritage Financial’s Chief Investment Officer, Bob Weisse, about the FAANG stocks (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google). Most investors hold these stocks whether they realize it or not. Tune in to hear Bob’s thoughts on why the stocks are suffering right now, which of the FAANG stocks are expensive or cheap, what the longer-term outlook is like for these companies, and how investors should think about these popular stocks as part of a diversified portfolio.

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Episode 3

Is NOW the right time to invest in stocks?

Is NOW the right time to invest in stocks? It’s an age-old question asked by the most serious of investors. Just a few months ago markets were at all-time highs. Now, we are dealing with heightened volatility in the face of economic and geopolitical uncertainty. Both scenarios make investors nervous that we are on the precipice of a decline, but for different reasons. What conditions should investors look for before putting their money to work? In this episode of Wealthy Behavior, our guest Apollo Lupescu, PhD and Vice President at Dimensional Fund Advisors is helping us answer the question, “When’s the ideal time to invest?”.

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Episode 2

Minimizing Personal Risk and Liability to Protect your Wealth

Building wealth is rewarding. Failing to adequately protect your wealth is a mistake. In episode 2 of Wealthy Behavior, we’re talking about personal risk and liability. How much could you lose if you are sued? Will you have enough if you’re the one that gets injured? And what should you do from day-to-day to protect yourself from the ever-growing threat landscape that comes with our global and digital reality? Tune in as we pick the brains of our two guests: a personal injury attorney and a personal risk manager.

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Episode 1

A Crypto Currency Primer

Curious about crypto? In our debut podcast Heritage Financial President, Sammy Azzouz, chats with David Lebovitz, JP Morgan Global Market Strategist to provide listeners a primer on cryptocurrency. What they are, how the technology behind them works, why the buzz, talking about the different coins, and how to think about them as an investor.

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