Why you need to pay attention to today’s market moves

10th November 2020

What happened in U.S. equity markets yesterday and today is something we haven’t seen in a long time. As our President, Sammy Azzouz, JD, CFP®, says,

“Massive day for value.”

As welcome news about a Covid-19 vaccination is absorbed by investors, we are seeing signs that investors really DO want to invest in beaten up value sectors. No, those sectors, industries and stocks HAVE NOT been left for dead. And, there IS a catalyst that can unlock the value of these areas of the market.

Is value back? And should investors be repositioning away from growth now?

Check out Sammy’s blog post, The Reopening Trade, to learn what you need to do to in this changing environment.

Kristin Castner, CFA

Kristin Castner, CFA

At Heritage Kristin is responsible for overall marketing strategy, with a focus on communicating the firm's message to clients and prospects and creating outreach programs to engage clients, partners and prospective clients.

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