Are You Ready For Thanksgiving?

At Heritage we have an obsession with helping our clients plan ahead, prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. This week our enthusiasm for planning reaches far beyond finances. We are sharing a few resources to help make sure you are prepared for Thanksgiving. Our 2022 Thanksgiving forecast predicts larger gatherings than we’ve seen over the past few years. Plan for more turkey, football, and conversation.

  • As you sit around the table sharing stories and reminiscing, consider documenting them in Reflections On My Heritage. This is a downloadable file, if you’d prefer a hard copy please contact us and we’d be happy to mail you one.
  • Hosting? What should you serve your thirsty guests? You want to be a gracious guest, what should you bring? In our most recent Wealthy Behavior podcast episode we teamed up with  Gordon Fine Wines & Liquors to get you into Holiday “Spirits”.
  • If you are looking to start up some engaging conversation that doesn’t have anything to do with religion or politics check out previous blog posts, podcasts, and The Boston Advisor Wednesday Reading List which is chock-full of timely topics each week.
  • And finally, we have a checklist for just about everything – including Thanksgiving! We hope it takes some stress out of your holiday and gives you a chuckle. Am I Ready For Thanksgiving Checklist

We are grateful for all Heritage clients and friends, and wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving planning with Heritage

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