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Which Price Increases are Here to Stay? Here’s What Our Team Thinks

BY Kristin Castner, CFA ON January 18, 2022 IN Charting the Course

The month-over-month inflation reading for December was lower than that of November. But the full year rate of change came in at 7%, higher than any reading in the last 40 years. In our recently released 2022 Market Outlook, our Investment Team discussed inflation in-dept. They addressed which inflationary pressures are likely to be with …

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Heritage Financial Releases 2022 Market Outlook

BY Kristin Castner, CFA ON January 11, 2022 IN Look Back, Move Forward

This week our Investment Team released their outlook for 2022, including 10-year market forecasts. While their outlook for returns rose modestly year-over-year, their projections remain well below long-term averages. For 2022, investors will likely be navigating more COVID curveballs, divergent central bank policies across the globe, an easing of some inflationary pressures and persistence of …

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This New Year’s Resolution Will Keep You Financially Fit

BY Kristin Castner, CFA ON January 4, 2022 IN Planning Pulse

January is a popular time to try and turn over a new leaf and commit to new behaviors that will help you meet your life goals. The problem is, resolutions to change behavior rarely last more than a few weeks or months at best. When it comes to finances, a few weeks of good behavior …

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Sharing The Best of 2021

BY Kristin Castner, CFA ON December 27, 2021 IN Heritage Media Library

As we close out the 2021 calendar year, here is a recap of our most popular blogs from the last twelve months. An Investment Guy’s Review of Solar Panels Are solar panels right for you? There are many considerations, but the big three are: (1) Do you plan on staying in your home for at …

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Optimists Get Rich, Cynics Get Airtime

BY Sammy Azzouz ON December 21, 2021 IN Heritage Media Library

Optimism changed human history and created economic growth. It brought the scientific revolution and a belief in progress according to Yuval Noah Harari’s, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind. Economic growth didn’t exist until the modern age. The ingredients did, including credit, which dates back to Ancient Sumer. However, people didn’t lend and borrow until …

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