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Are You Extracting Enough Cash From Your Business?

BY Kristin Castner, CFA ON September 28, 2021 IN Planning Pulse

All business owners exit their business at some point – either on their own terms or someone else’s. Obviously, you want to leave on your own terms if you can. That takes planning. And one of the most important things you can do as a business owner to operate on your own terms is to …

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What’s My Business Worth?

BY Kristin Castner, CFA ON September 21, 2021 IN Planning Pulse

Last week on our blog we shared the four things you should do if you get an offer to buy your business. Getting an estimate of the value of your business was one of those things. This week, we are digging into how you find out what your business is worth. Before we get into …

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Someone Offered to Buy Your Business: What To Do Next

BY Sammy Azzouz ON September 14, 2021 IN Planning Pulse

About 40% of my clients are business owners, or retired business owners. Starting in 2013, I noticed that deal activity was picking up for those owners. Low rates, lots of money in the system, and other factors led to interest in buying good private companies. That activity has increased over time. It’s a seller’s market for business …

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Tools for Business Owners

BY Kristin Castner, CFA ON September 7, 2021 IN Uncategorised

Most if not all Americans celebrate Labor Day. Many don’t know that it’s a celebration of the social and economic achievement of workers in the U.S. Rather, the day is more often a marker for the unofficial end to summer. At Heritage Financial, we believe you can’t celebrate the achievements of labor in the United …

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Taxes, Interest Rates, Afghanistan, and Your Money

BY Kristin Castner, CFA ON August 31, 2021 IN Planning Pulse

There was a lot of news to tune into last week. Let’s take a look at what’s been happening and what it means for your finances. Taxes The big legislative news last week was that the $3.5 trillion budget resolution that was previously approved by the Senate also passed the House. The budget resolution is …

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