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An Investment Guy’s Review of Solar Panels

BY Bob Weisse ON June 22, 2021 IN Management Team Minutes

Last fall, one of my social outlets was joining a few friends to sit around a firepit and talk about what my kids would call “boring stuff”. We have different backgrounds and work in different fields, so I enjoyed hearing diverse perspectives. One night we talked about solar panels. The case I heard for them …

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Ladies, it’s time to get ready for what’s coming

BY Kristin Castner, CFA ON June 15, 2021 IN HER Heritage

I know plenty of women that handle the finances for their family. I also know many women that don’t care to be involved in day-to-day financial decisions. Neither is right or wrong. All family situations are different. But if you are a woman, there is a good chance you’ll be managing your own finances at …

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How Long to give an investment strategy

BY Sammy Azzouz ON June 8, 2021 IN Uncategorised

After the blockbuster James Harden trade from the Houston Rockets to Brooklyn Nets, Rockets General Manager Rafael Stone half-joked in a press conference that you couldn’t judge the trade until 2030 given the future draft capital the Rockets received. Stone and the Rockets made a long-term investment – exchanging James Harden for potentially valuable future …

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A Few Final Thoughts Before Summer

BY Kristin Castner, CFA ON June 1, 2021 IN Heritage Media Library

Memorial Day weekend 2021 is in the books. All of us at Heritage Financial want to express our sincere gratitude to all our veterans and active service members. We hope that many of you, like us, got back to some of your traditions during this year’s long holiday weekend. It’s also the unofficial start to …

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This Tax Credit Is Now A Cash Refund Starting In July

BY Ed Jastrem ON May 25, 2021 IN Planning Pulse

Last week the IRS announced plans to move forward with direct cash payments to taxpayers eligible for the child tax credit. Payments will start in July and run through December of this year. The IRS estimates that about 39 million households and 88% of children in the U.S. will be eligible for the credit. But …

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