When To Sell Your Business

Heritage Financial hosted a webinar about the state of the M&A market for small-to-mid-size private businesses. The last decade has been represented by a strong seller’s market. So we wanted to answer the question:

The key points that Heritage President and Senior Wealth Manager, Sammy Azzouz, and Dunn Rush & Co. Partner, Greg Rush discussed were:

  • If interest rates rise going forward, the M&A market will likely become less favorable for sellers. Hear Sammy and Greg discuss this specific point.
  • Even if that happens, business owners can still prepare their business now to achieve the best possible price, terms, and outcome in the future by taking these key steps.
  • In order to exit your business on your own terms, you need to know your number – what you need to net from a sale of your business. The easiest way to answer this question is to create a comprehensive financial plan.

If you missed the live discussion, you can listen to a replay of the webinar.

You can also check out this 2-minute overview of how a comprehensive financial plan can provide important answers for business owners thinking about selling now or in the future.

Looking for more insights? Check out the variety of resources we’ve made available for business owners on our website.

And if you are a business owner that’s ready to learn more about taking these key initial steps to ensure that your eventual business exit happens on your own terms and maximizes your outcome, contact us for an initial discovery conversation.

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