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Issues for business ownersWhat Issues Should I Consider as a Business Owner or 1099 Worker?

A checklist of long-term, short-term, and tax issues to think about.

Sale of a businessSomeone Offered to Buy Your Business: What To Do Next

Learn the four things you should do immediately once you get an offer to purchase your business.


What’s Your Business Worth?

You have to know what your business is worth to determine if you are ready to exit it. Here’s how to get a valuation for your business.


Are You Extracting Enough Cash from Your Business?

Learn how to consistently pull cash out of your business in a tax-efficient way so that when the time is right, you can exit your business on your own terms.


exit strategyWhy a Five-Year Plan may be the Worst Way to Think About Exiting Your Business

Exiting your business on your own terms requires knowing WHEN your finances will allow you to comfortably transition to your next chapter. Learn the two things you can do now to answer this important question.

sell your businessHow to Exit Your Business On Your Own Terms

These three steps will give you peace of mind that you can leave your business on your own terms.


Traditional 401kShould I Set Up a Traditional 401(k) For My Business?

A quick survey to help you get an idea of the type of retirement plan that may work best for your business.


retirement savingsCommon Defined Benefit Plans for Business Owners 

Learn which Defined Benefit plan might best help you extract as much cash as possible from your business in a tax-efficient way.


Common Defined Contribution Plans for Business Owners

Learn which Defined Contribution plan might best help you extract as much cash as possible from your business in a tax-efficient way. To Sell Your Business

Learn the key initial steps to ensure that your eventual business exit happens on your own terms and maximizes your outcome.


Is the Window for Selling My Business Closing?

Listen to a replay of our webinar to learn how changes to tax laws and potentially higher interest rates may impact your ability to sell your business in the next few years.

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