How Much Umbrella Insurance Do I Need?

An umbrella policy is designed to protect individuals from highly unlikely but very costly events, often accidents. While anyone can be at risk of litigation, those who have (or appear to have) financial resources are at greater risk. For this reason, adequate umbrella coverage is an integral part of asset protection for affluent individuals or families.

How much you need depends on a variety of factors

Net worth is a good place to start, but there’s more to the equation. Heritage Financial’s Director of Financial Planning, Ed Jastrem, shares some thoughts on how to assess how much you may need.

“Determining how much coverage you need is not a perfect science, but there are prudent ways to evaluate your circumstances. Using your net worth is a fair starting point. From there, consider expected future income and if your overall wealth is increasing or decreasing over time. Then assess your exposure to liability. Remember, two households with similar assets and income may have very different umbrella coverage needs based on non-financial circumstances.

The more net worth, expected future income, and/or liability exposure you have, the more likely umbrella insurance is a good idea for asset protection. Particularly since it’s a very affordable type of insurance. $1 million worth of coverage can start as low as $150 per year.”

We talked more about this topic during the last episode of our new podcast, Wealthy Behavior: Talking Money and Wealth with Heritage Financial. In Episode 2, host Sammy Azzouz covered how individuals can minimize their personal risk and liability to protect their wealth.

Sammy’s guest was personal injury attorney Richard Mandel with Baker Law Offices, PC. As a personal injury attorney, Rich is the one suing. So he was able to provide unique insight into the risk that wealthy individuals may be exposed to, particularly if they don’t have umbrella coverage. They discussed how to look at your unique exposure, and what to consider across your auto, home, and umbrella coverages.

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Other Resources

Heritage launched Wealthy Behavior earlier this year to share valuable content about the topics, strategies, and behaviors that are key to building and protecting personal wealth and living a rich life. Our first episode was a primer on cryptocurrency. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes that address:

  • knowing the right time to invest in the stock market,
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  • getting the most out of your credit card rewards.

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