case studies

We can help you take control of your finances wherever you are in your journey. Here are some real-world examples.

Couple with complex portfolio approaching retirement

A couple came to us with a large portfolio that included over 200 sizeable investments. These holdings, accumulated over long careers were held in a large number of accounts across many investment organizations. Now approaching retirement, they sought to better organize their portfolio and establish a clear financial plan.

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Corporate Executive Transitioning to Business

A forty-eight year old marketing executive was starting his own venture after two decades with a multi-national firm. The complexity of this major life transition prompted him and his wife to seek professional advice, and a second opinion on their sizable investment portfolio.

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Corporate Executive in a Demanding Job

Fifty-two year old corporate executive in a very demanding, time-consuming job, came to us when he and his wife realized that their financial lives were too complex and they needed help.

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Young Wealth Accumulator

A young business owner’s accountant introduced him to us because he was accumulating a lot of cash without an investment plan.

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Dealing with the Financial Challenges of Divorce

After just going through a difficult divorce, a woman came to us on the recommendation of her father. She had limited knowledge of her finances and was concerned about the well-being of both herself and her children.

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Business Owner Looking to Monetize

A business owner came to us after receiving an offer to purchase his business.

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Couple Seeking Second Opinion on Investments

A business acquaintance of one of the executives at Heritage Financial referred this couple to us. They were looking for a second opinion on their investment portfolio and verification of their ability to retire comfortably.

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Retired widow relocating to Florida

After losing her spouse, a client wanted to explore the option of moving to Florida.

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