What is the Best Source of Investment News?

There are more sources of information than ever. And it comes in a variety of formats so wherever you are and however you like to stay in-the-know, you can. You don’t even have to seek it out. Today the messenger will find you wherever you are – TV, magazines, app alerts, smart watches, podcasts, emails, newsletters…you get the point. With the constant demand for our attention, the media outlets need to set themselves apart with eye catching headlines, controversial “experts”, and a constant flow of information to command the attention necessary to get their share of exposure. This constant barrage of information makes every piece of news feel like it’s something exciting, new, and worth the limited time we have.

But many sources are not reliable, nor worth our time. It’s hard to keep on top of the latest news. So when you have the time to pay attention, you want to make sure it’s from a reliable, unbiased source. Heritage President, Sammy Azzouz, and Chief Investment Officer, Bob Weisse, talk about this in a recent episode of our Wealthy Behavior podcast. In this segment they discuss their favorite sources of investment news, which experts they recommend avoiding, and how to decipher facts from opinion.


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