5 Podcast Episodes to Listen to this Week

During this week filled with Independence Day celebrations we hope you also find some much deserved time to relax and recharge. Take a walk or grab a lawn chair. However you like to unwind, tune in to recent episodes of our Wealthy Behavior podcast. You’re sure to learn something new!

Two new Wealthy Behavior episodes are released each month.

  • In the beginning of the month, Heritage Financial CEO, Sammy Azzouz, and CIO, Bob Weisse, discuss what’s going on in the investment universe and markets, how it may impact investment portfolios, and address the questions on top of investors minds.
  • The second episode of the month features a conversation with a special guest who shares their expertise and some advice to help you live a rich life.

5 podcast episodes to listen to this week:

Planning for the tax cut sunset.
Wealthy Behavior: Signs of a Slowdown     Podcast Lessons in Risk with Allison Schrager    May Market Update: Bad News Is Good News     Wealthy Behavior Podcast: Inflation, Markets, and the Magnificent 7

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