Meet Two of Our Best Problem-Solvers

When we started our weekly blog series almost one year ago, our primary goal was to proactively share our thoughts on all things finance and investing. After all, we are wealth managers.

But our business is one that is built on trusted relationships. And trust comes from knowing someone enough to like them. That means getting to know each other professionally as well as personally.

And so we had a secondary goal for our blog. We wanted to help our followers get to know the personal side of the Heritage team.

To that end, this week we’re sharing insight into what a few of our team members are doing outside of the office.

What Are You Reading?

We recently polled our employees to find out their favorite book genre. We wanted to know what they are reading besides financial publications.

From comedy to history to self-help, their responses were as diversified as the portfolios we build for our clients. But the clear winner was crime and thriller.

Interestingly, a University of Texas study suggested that entertainment preferences could be tied to certain personality traits.

“The connections between personality and the entertainment-preference dimensions suggest that people seek out entertainment that reflect and reinforce aspects of their personalities.”

We asked two of our resident crime/thriller junkies to share what draws them to this type of “edge-of-your-seat” entertainment.

All About Psychology

Marketing Coordinator Julia LeGacy listens to true crime podcasts while she runs.

Marketing Coordinator Julia LeGacy enjoys digging into the complex story lines during her early morning runs.

She used to read a lot, but she transitioned to audio books and podcasts to make her runs more entertaining. And she certainly has time to dig in those complex story lines while she is running – Julia typically gets in about 7 miles a day!

But it’s the psychological aspect of crime stories that really piques her interest.

“I enjoy trying to figure out the psychology behind what makes people commit such acts.”

Julia recommends Crime Junkie, a weekly true crime podcast. And because she loves figuring out what makes people tick (for better or worse!), she also recommends Armchair Expert, a podcast the interviews celebrities, journalists, and academics that “celebrates the messiness of being human”.

Life Lessons

You’ll also find Senior Wealth Advisor Kenzie Ferris digging into crime/thriller podcasts in her free time.

“I love listening to the stories, following along, trying to solve the case alongside the detectives. To me, listening to true crime is like working on a puzzle. It keeps you thinking three steps ahead.”

Kenzie, a thrill-seeker, and her husband Tony in Machu Picchu.

As a Senior Wealth Advisor helping clients build financial plans and anticipating future needs, Kenzie is always solving problems and thinking three steps ahead. So partaking in virtual crime-solving in her off hours probably makes a lot of sense.

Beyond the thrill of problem solving, Kenzie also loves the life lessons she’s learned from the true crime stories she’s heard. The reality of the world we live in, the importance of trust, and a need to know self-defense are all positives she takes away from her journey into the true crime world.

Kenzie highly recommends True Crime Garage, which covers a new case from the headlines each week. The podcast is hosted by two guys in their garage. And for beer lovers, this one comes with a bonus craft beer review at the start of each episode.

Get to know the rest of the Heritage team of wealth advisors, investors and financial planners here.

And Don’t Forget

Heritage typically meets with prospective clients 3-4 times as part of an initial consultation that we do not charge for. If you are at a point where the complexity of your personal finances warrants the problem-solving skills our team can provide…or if you are just ready to partner with a team that is always staying three steps ahead, you can learn more about taking advantage of those meetings here.  Or contact us to learn more.

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