A Recession Becomes More Likely (Podcast)

July’s market moves seemed paradoxical – a recession becomes more likely, yet stocks and bonds both rose during the month.

What drove July’s positive market moves and where are we headed next?

Despite the Fed’s efforts to raise rates, inflation isn’t showing signs of slowing down any time soon. With no end in sight, the anticipation of an economic recession is now looming over investors minds and surpassing inflation as the primary concern. In the most recent episode of Wealthy Behavior: Talking Money and Wealth with Heritage Financial, Sammy and Heritage Chief Investment Officer, Bob Weisse, are back for their monthly discussion that covers what’s happening in the markets and what our investment team is looking at now. In this episode they discuss:

  • Can the fed get inflation down to a good place without sending us into recession?
  • What does the market want to see with the economy and inflation numbers?
  • If we go into recession will it be short, shallow, long or deep? Can it even be categorized at this point?

Listen to the latest episode of Wealthy Behavior, “August Update: Why Are Stocks Up in the Face of a Recession?”, to hear Sammy and Bob discuss these questions and more.

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