2023 Market Outlook

Our 2023 Market Outlook is here!

2022 was the reset button for many markets. Exiting zero-bound interest rate policies, moderating inflation and repricing global fixed income and equity have all helped sow the seeds for a brighter outlook in 2023 and beyond. While we anticipate volatile asset prices will persist in the years to come, leaning into newly created opportunities may prove to be the right decision over the long term. Our outlook is tempered with humility and pragmatism, recognizing the future remains uncertain, as it always has. However, as the market dynamics have changed so have our opinions and we are excited to share our view for 2023 and beyond.

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Watch our 2023 Market Outlook webinar replay where Heritage Financial’s Chief Investment Officer, Bob Weisse, CFA, CFP®, and Brad Long, Deputy Chief Investment Officer at Fiducient Advisors, share expectations for stock and bond markets in 2023 and explain how they can impact your portfolio and financial future.

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