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Heritage Financial Services has over 25 years of experience educating and guiding clients, and our credentialed team members are excited to share their knowledge and financial expertise with you. In this educational video series, you will learn the financial tools and strategies that will help you SAVE more, KEEP more of what you earn, GROW your portfolio, and PROTECT your nest egg to enhance your overall wealth.

The series consists of fourteen 4-6 minute videos, each focused on a specific topic. You can pick and choose which topics interest you, listen to a playlist of all videos in a specific topic list, or watch them all.

As you watch, make notes of questions that come up, and reach out to us at at (781) 255-0214 or email at and one of our experts will be happy to share additional insight.


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Backdoor Roth Contribution

There are many benefits to contributing to a Roth IRA, but you may not be eligible to contribute based on your income. If that’s the case, the Backdoor Roth Contribution tax loophole may be an option. Listen to learn if this option makes sense for you.

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529 Plans

The potential benefits of saving for your kids’ education through a 529 plan may go well beyond covering the cost of college. We’ve summarized some considerations to help you decide if a 529 plan is right for you and share insight on how you can use money you’ve saved in a 529.

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Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)

Participating in a ESPP is an ideal way to save beyond the limits placed on employer sponsored plans and individual retirement accounts in a tax-efficient way. Learn how to make the most of this benefit by coordinating it with all your equity compensation and company stock benefits.


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Used prudently, a home equity line of credit or margin loan can add convenience and flexibility with respect to meeting cash needs. Learn how to use this type of debt to your advantage.

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Working with a Tax Advisor

Not all tax professionals are created equal. Learn the difference between working with a tax “Advisor” versus a tax “Preparer” to determine which one makes most sense for your situation.

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Asset Location

Learn why asset location is just as important as asset allocation for investors focused on minimizing taxes and keeping as much of their investment returns as possible.


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Disciplined rebalancing brings your portfolio back in line with your long-term strategic asset allocation. But what’s the best way to do it so that you are getting the benefit of risk control but minimizing the costs that come with trading unnecessarily? Listen in.

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Private Investments

Private investments – like private equity, credit, and real estate - may improve your long-term return potential. But this type of investment is not easily accessible for all investors. Learn if you can benefit from private investments.

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Cash Management

Holding too much cash can be costly, and the bigger your portfolio, the more important it is that every dollar you have is working for you. Learn about tools and strategies to help make sure your cash is managed appropriately.

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Working with a Fiduciary

Not all financial advisors are created equal. Listen to learn the most important questions to ask and things to know when seeking financial advice.


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Health Care Proxy and Power of Attorney

The process of formally naming someone to take care of your health and financial decisions if you can’t do it yourself is the best way to ensure that your wishes are carried out. Learn more about these important tools and the most common mistakes we’ve seen so you don’t make the same ones.

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Disability Insurance

Disability insurance protects against loss of income if you become injured or sick to the point where you can’t work. And it can be an important tool that is key to helping you build even more wealth going forward. Here are some things to consider and mistakes to avoid.

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Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is an important consideration for wealthy individuals. It’s inexpensive and provides liability coverage beyond the limits in home and auto policies. But how much do you need? Listen to learn about the nuances to consider.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance makes sense for a lot of people with varying degrees of wealth. Should you use term or permanent insurance? How can you make sure your insurance is coordinated with your overall financial goals? Learn about how you can make sure you don’t get stuck with an expensive life insurance policy that doesn’t meet your needs.

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