2021 Mid-Year Outlook


Access our full 2021 Mid-Year Outlook to read more about how our key investment themes are playing out this year, and what we expect for the second half of the year, including: 

  • Why the case for further economic growth remains compelling
  • The specific strategy we recommend for investing in bonds while yields remain near historic lows and overall returns will likely be challenging
  • The important role that international stocks play in the current market and economic environment
  • Our thoughts on inflation and how we are managing the risk of higher prices

“Investing conditions remain, in our opinion, advantageous as we enter the second half of the year, yet we are mindful that the very sharp recoveries of the economy and many markets will require heightened investor vigilance. We expect to encounter periodic bouts of increased market volatility through the remainder of the year. However, a global economic recovery…”

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