James Ribero, FPQP™

Client Service & Operations Manager

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James was born and raised in Cumberland, Rhode Island. At an early age, he developed an interest in role-playing and strategy tabletop games, where players act out the role of their characters. To this day, James not only plays but also develops these strategy games as a side business.

Perhaps his entrepreneurial spirit is the direct result of the role he played at his family’s autoparts/paper supply business. His work in the enterprise began at age 14 with sweeping the floor, loading trucks, and arranging inventory and then extended into the office, as his helpful attitude and aptitude for understanding all aspects of keeping a business running was a critical element to their success. While James never stopped helping with business operations, in his off hours he began exploring beyond Rhode Island, often taking road trips up and down the east coast.

In his role at Heritage, James is part of our client service team which tackles the myriad of activities required to support our client base. His passion for strategy, business mindset, and detail-oriented approach to his work makes him an ideal staff member to support our growing client base, and his skills with data organization is a great fit to add depth to our strong client service team.

When he is not working in Excel (for fun) James continues to pursue his lifelong passion for both travel and role playing games. Recently returned from a “Planes, Trains, and Automobile” tour that extended from New England to South Carolina, James stays busy developing concepts for new tabletop games, playing badminton, and hosting two book clubs and bad movie nights.