Management Team Minutes

A Look at Post-Pandemic Office Life

BY Sammy Azzouz IN Management Team Minutes

There’s been a lot of discussion about what the workplace would look like after COVID. Would employees ever return 100% to the office? How might office configurations need to change? Will office amenities like on-site gyms still exist? Like many companies, we’ve made it a priority to understand what our clients and employees are thinking …

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An Investment Guy’s Review of Solar Panels

BY Bob Weisse IN Management Team Minutes

Last fall, one of my social outlets was joining a few friends to sit around a firepit and talk about what my kids would call “boring stuff”. We have different backgrounds and work in different fields, so I enjoyed hearing diverse perspectives. One night we talked about solar panels. The case I heard for them …

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The Upside of Challenging Times

BY Kristin Castner, CFA IN Management Team Minutes

All of us at Heritage Financial wish to share a heartfelt thank you to our clients, partners and friends of the firm. 2020 was a challenging year for individuals and businesses alike. Somehow, we all found a way to accept, adapt, and push through these challenges. We are hopeful for what lies ahead in 2021 …

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Clients First. Then, and Now

BY Chuck Bean IN Management Team Minutes

(This post was originally published in 2018) This year at Heritage we will celebrate our 23rd anniversary. We’ve grown our team, adopted new technology, expanded our offerings, and evolved in many ways. But, I’m most proud of how we stayed true to the core values we identified at our inception. The way we defined how …

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Why I believe in Heritage Financial’s Investment Philosophy

BY Heritage Investment Committee IN Management Team Minutes

It’s important to have an investment philosophy – an approach to guide your decisions and ground you during market turmoil – that you can stick to long-term. The discipline to remain committed to your plan means as much as the plan itself. Many different approaches can work given enough time and commitment. What doesn’t work …

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