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15th September 2020

You may know that Heritage has had a blog for a while now. But we haven’t quite had the resources to share as often as we hoped.

Well, we have been investing in our resources, and we are now excited to bring a whole new level of insight directly to you on a weekly basis.

Here’s what we have planned:

Every month we’ll be sharing our favorite chart – the one graph or illustration that speaks volumes in a simple way. As investors, we consume much of our research in chart form, and every so often we come across a visual that says it all. Watch for our favorite chart each month so you can stay in the know without having to put in too much time.


It’s good to understand what happened, but more important to gauge what might be coming next. Every quarter our Investment Team will give you that quick recap, and a few thoughts on what’s important for moving ahead confidently.



Ever wish you could pick the brains of business owners? Here’s your chance! Five times a year our Principals (Chuck Bean III, Sammy Azzouz, Jim Scally, Ann Smith, or Bob Weisse) will be bringing their business management expertise to address current events or answer questions directly from our clients and partners. Want their thoughts on a particular topic? Submit a question here.


Need expert advice on managing taxes, navigating regulatory changes, or making your financial plan work for you? In Planning Pulse, our in-house Financial Planning team will be sharing cutting edge ideas and strategies for maximizing your wealth and the effectiveness of your financial plan.



Written by women investors, for women investors. At Heritage, we are proud to have women in management, investment research and wealth management roles, and we can’t wait to share their insight with you as they address topics specific to helping women build wealth, manage their finances, and maintain work/life balance.



We consume a lot of information in our daily pursuit of being exemplary stewards of your wealth. And in our off hours, we each have passions and interests that keep us well-rounded and thriving. [You can read more about those passions here.] Each month, we’ll point you in the direction of articles, blogs, books, podcasts or anything you can read or listen to that we think is worthwhile for living a wealthy, healthy and fulfilled life.


There’s no shortage of information in today’s world…

…and sometimes no end to the stream of emails hitting our inboxes. Considering that, we’ve put a lot of thought into how we can serve you best with a broad range of informative, actionable and light content that adds to your week.

If you are a Heritage client, you are already subscribed, and you’ll start to see all of these new features showing up in your inbox immediately.

If you aren’t a current subscriber but are a serious investor, click below fix that…

Stay tuned for more!


Heritage Financial Services is an independent financial advisory firm with more than $1.5 billion in assets under management. We work closely with affluent families by coordinating and managing all aspects of their wealth, retirement, and financial security. Our mission is simple: to make a positive and lasting impact on the people in our lives and those we serve.

We provide highly personalized solutions to investors that are serious about building wealth and creating a long-term financial plan guided by expert financial advice and experienced investment management. Driven by our core values of teamwork, integrity, and excellence, we build lifetime relationships with our clients and their other trusted advisors to help simplify, organize and instill confidence in their often-complex financial lives.

Heritage has received national recognition from the likes of Barron’s, Forbes, Financial Times, FA Magazine and Charles Schwab.

Kristin Castner, CFA

Kristin Castner, CFA

At Heritage Kristin is responsible for overall marketing strategy, with a focus on communicating the firm's message to clients and prospects and creating outreach programs to engage clients, partners and prospective clients.

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