Stuart Peskin

Stuart Peskin, CFA®

Portfolio Strategist

Growing up in Augusta, GA, the home of The Master’s golf tournament, it was only natural for Stuart to gravitate towards spectating and playing golf. At the age of five, he was fortunate to have his first experience as a patron of his hometown’s world-famous golf tournament and in that same year began swinging a golf club (albeit a plastic one). Another passion, financial markets, started just a few years later through the encouragement of his grandfather. Stuart tagged along on visits to brokerage offices with “Papa Charlie” memorizing stock symbols to punch in the Quotron machine. By his teenage years, Stuart devoured company annual reports each spring and even had The Wall Street Journal delivered to him at summer camp. He furthered his interest in finance and graduated cum laude from Tulane University with a BS in economics in 1989.


Upon graduation, Stuart began his career in financial services, completing a credit training program at Trust Company Bank in Atlanta. He later returned to the classroom earning his MBA from MIT Sloan with a concentration in Finance. After Sloan, Stuart began his focus on investment management working for State Street Global Advisors (SSGA) in three different roles (equity portfolio manager, client relationship manager, and head of Asia-Pacific Client Strategists) in three different cities, Boston, Atlanta, and Tokyo. In 2012, Stuart made his way back to Boston working for Standard Life Investments (SLI).  While there Stuart was part of the investment organization focused on presenting the investment strategies to investors as well as developing thought leadership materials on multi-asset investing.


Now as Portfolio Strategist at Heritage, Stuart is the principal investment communicator to Heritage clients. Stuart provides informative investment updates to clients and writes on topical investment matters relating to Heritage’s client portfolios.


Stuart continues to play golf and enjoys watching his favorite golf tournament on TV when he can’t make it to Augusta. A committed advocate for worldwide social causes, Stuart is a volunteer at CARE, a global NGO dedicated to ending poverty.  Stuart, his wife, and fraternal (boy and girl) twins love traveling including frequent visits to Japan, while also learning about various cultures throughout the world.