Shipra Agarwal

Shipra Agarwal

Marketing Associate

Shipra was born and raised in a big fat joint family in India. Growing up, her favorite words were ‘why’ and ‘but why’. Soon, her mother’s response “because this is how it’s done” was not enough for her and she turned to books for answers. Thus began her life-long romance with the written word.

Shipra was also fascinated with science for its ability to answer all questions with hard facts. She studied medicine in college, then worked as a doctor for two years in Mumbai. However, she longed to do something that allowed her more freedom to express herself. That’s when marketing found her. Shipra earned an MBA in marketing and joined McDonald’s India as a management trainee. She learned the ropes of various verticals of marketing quickly, and was soon managing the Mumbai region as a Regional Marketing Manager. Later, she was responsible for launching the brand McCafe’ in the Indian market.

In 2015, Shipra joined Heritage, drawn by the challenge to build its marketing program from scratch. She is responsible for planning the firm’s overall marketing strategy to build awareness and generate growth, and implementing it through effective communication across various media and P.R.

Reading and writing continue to be a major part of Shipra’s life—she is studying Creative Writing at Harvard University. Her travel escapades with her husband and friends work as fodder for her stories.