Rosemarie Doherty

Rosemarie Doherty

Client Relations Manager & Marketing Coordinator

Growing up, Rosemarie was an almost stereotypical elder sister – quiet, responsible and well-organized. She received a parochial Catholic school education attending St. Catherine’s School in Norwood, Massachusetts.

Rosemarie studied legal secretarial at Bryan and Stratton Jr. College. She then worked as a legal assistant at Colonial Management in Boston. Next, Rosemarie joined Polaroid Corporation as an executive assistant to the VP & treasurer of the firm – she was the youngest person to be an EA to a corporate officer at Polaroid.

Rosemarie joined the Heritage family in 2002. Over the years, she has worn multiple hats at the firm – receptionist, client services, administration, and marketing. In her current role as a client relations manager, Rosemarie works with different wealth management teams to organize their marketing events. She is responsible for coordinating all client communication activities. Rosemarie also handles grants for the Heritage Charitable Fund, assists with planning community service projects, and manages Heritage’s gifts and promotional efforts.

Rosemarie and her husband enjoy traveling together – be it an extended trip to Europe or a weekend getaway at the beach. They like organizing cook-outs and holiday get-togethers with their three children and three grandchildren. Rosemarie also devotes her time giving back to the community as a member of the Braintree Women’s Club.