Ric Zaenglein

Director of Marketing

Growing up in Rochester, NY, the home of Eastman Kodak, it was only natural for Ric to gravitate towards photography at a young age, a passion that he carries today. While a similar passion for sports took him to Ohio to play football for Division III National Champion Wittenberg University, (GO TIGERS!), the drive west to school took longer than his football career actually lasted, injuring his knee in the 3rd practice and shifting his position on the sidelines to game photographer. Upon graduating, Ric returned home to the University of Rochester to earn his MBA in Finance.

Leveraging a strong quantitative background, Ric’s early work in financial services was in the development of database technology to support investment company marketing efforts. This work included product design and development at Harte-Hanks Data Technologies, GE Capital, and i2 Technologies, each of which led to leadership roles in product and corporate marketing. With a career of building and leading teams to drive greater visibility and growth, the opportunity to join Heritage was a perfect fit to bring his experience to a committed team of client-focused professionals.

Ric is defining programs that build greater awareness of the meticulous attention to clients that the Wealth Management, Financial Planning, Investment and Operations teams deliver.

Ric and his wife Barbara have two grown children, who have found successful careers in Washington, D.C. When Ric is not photographing the Patriots, NASCAR or the Boston Marathon he enjoys traveling to the Caribbean and Europe with his family.