Joseph Arsenault, Wealth Manager

Joseph Arsenault, CFP®, ChFC®

Wealth Manager

Growing up in Easton, Massachusetts, Joe divided his time equally between studies and outdoor activities. He attended Oliver Ames High School where he played soccer and baseball. Joe was accepted to Bentley College where he became a member of the Bentley Investment Group and took to research and investments quite keenly.

In his final year of college, Joe came across a job posting on the college website that asked: If you had $10,000, how would you invest it? He wrote a half-page answer supporting his choice of investments. Heritage’s CIO was impressed with the passion with which Joe had explained his rationale and offered him a job upon graduation.

For five years, Joe was part of Heritage’s investment team, working as a research analyst and trader. Owing to his warm and affable personality, Joe was nudged towards a more client facing role of wealth advisor in 2012. He worked with senior wealth managers for three years, learning the ropes of financial planning and honing his client service skills. He also earned a CFP® certification during this time. In January 2016, Joe was promoted to wealth manager, in which capacity he leads client relationships and facilitates potential clients through Heritage’s unique three meeting process.

When he is not solving financial conundrums for his clients, Joe is busy taking care of the two women in his life, enjoying time with his wife and new daughter at home and on the cape.