Danielle Musasa FPQP®


As an individual who is very familiar with exploring, Danielle’s early years spent in the Democratic Republic of the Congo provided her with a broad range of interests.  Moving to Malden, MA at the age of twelve, she quickly put her curiosity to work joining the soccer and crew teams and developing an interest in Accounting.


This nascent passion led her to the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, where she majored in Accounting and was able to participate in multiple internships with business and accounting firms. Fortunately for us, the breadth offered by the finance world captured her imagination and she joined Heritage shortly after graduation.


Her work at Heritage will be focused on supporting Kevin Webber, Paul Higgins, and Joe Arsenault’s teams by assembling data, building statements, and assisting with additional tasks required to prepare for client meetings.  Leveraging her strong analysis background, she will also work on the development of financial planning analysis for client presentations.


When she’s not working with exotic spreadsheets Danielle (naturally) takes on the most extreme forms of exploration, spending her time rock climbing, zip-lining, and exploring the Boston environs.