Aditya Phansekar

Aditya Phansekar

Business/IT Analyst

Aditya grew up in Mumbai, where he resided for 22 years with his parents and younger sister. While in India he competed in chess tournaments and shared a passion for soccer. His passion for soccer has carried over into his adult years where he is now a die-hard Chelsea F.C. supporter.

Aditya’s desire to travel is what led him to Boston where he attended Northeastern University. He graduated with a Master’s Degree in Data Analytics. While at Northeastern he discovered his fascination for Finance after taking courses on the topic. In turn this led him to become a CFA candidate and dive deeper into the industry.

In 2018, Aditya joined Heritage right out of graduate school as a Business and IT Analyst. In this role he will be leading all internal business reporting and managing all systems and software. Aditya’s main goal is to create more efficient reporting methods and also develop unique IT opportunities.

When Aditya is not rooting on Chelsea F.C. or head first in a CFA book, he has an urge to explore. Next on his list are Greece, Spain and the Caribbean. In addition he has a passion for doing long treks and hopes to make it back to Alaska during the winter months.