Portfolio Management

Heritage Investment Review – Year 2017

By all accounts, 2017 was an excellent year for investments. The U.S. stock market was up 21.13%i. Developed international stock markets were up 25.03%ii. Emerging markets’ stocks were up 37.28%iii. U.S. high yield bonds returned 17.16%iv. Global bonds—despite a large portion starting the year with non-existent or negative yields—returned 7.39%v. U.S. real estate returned 6.89%vi…. More >

Heritage Investment Review: Q3 2017

Year-to-Date Summary The first three quarters of 2017 has been a good period to invest; the stock market produced significant gains with exceptionally low volatility. Our clients have participated in this steady appreciation. Embedded in the strong returns we achieved through the first three quarters of this year are investment decisions that may seem simple… More >

Heritage Investment Review: Q2 2017

The Liberating Feeling of an Investment Plan An investment plan is far different from buying and selling hot stocks and dreaming of turning a small amount of money into a fortune. It starts with a well-thought-out financial plan that carefully evaluates your financial position and cash flows. The investment plan is then created out of… More >

Heritage investment review: q1 2017

Twelve Months of Calm Seas in the Wake For the past twelve months, stock returns have been high and the bumpiness experienced to achieve those returns has been low(1). Despite two major events in 2016—Great Britain voting to exit the European Union and a presidential election in the United States—it has been a tame period… More >

Heritage Investment Review: Q4 2016

Heritage clients experienced strong investment returns in 2016. While global stocks increased by 7.86% , our equity allocation increased by 14.75%. This exceptional performance in stocks more than offset the subdued year for Heritage’s alternatives allocation, which ended the year down 1.68%. Heritage’s short-term and yield-oriented positioning in bonds paid off in 2016. Our bond… More >

Heritage Investment Review: Q3 2016

In our last Market and Investment Review we demonstrated how a long-term investor, who sticks to his or her plan, and doesn’t get worked up by the financial media, tends to enjoy a superior investment experience. As we approach a once-in-four-year event—the election of a U.S. president—emotions tend to pique. We understand important questions are… More >

Don’t Take the Market’s Lowball Offer

Have you ever sold your house? It’s usually an emotional process involving many important steps: 1. Finding a realtor to guide you through a major transaction 2. Following their advice on repairs and updates to make the home salable 3. Deciding on a listing price after reviewing recent comparable transactions and market availability 4. Figuring… More >