Heritage Webinar Features Liz Ann Sonders, SVP, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.


Liz Ann Sonders and Sammy Azzouz speak about a wide variety of topics, including investmentsIn a web conversation with Heritage President Sammy Azzouz,  Liz Ann Sonders, SVP and Chief Investment Strategist of Charles Schwab  & Co., Inc. provided a series of insights on a wide variety of topics to Heritage clients and guests.

Liz Ann has long been a significant contributor to investor education, focusing on the delivery of analysis for the individual investor, sharing her thoughts in Schwab publications, on social media, in keynote addresses, and on national financial media, including CNBC, Bloomberg TV, FOX Business News and Yahoo! Finance.

Responding to questions sourced from Heritage clients and posed by Sammy Azzouz, the 1-hour exchange covered a wide range of topics, including Federal Reserve fiscal and monetary policy actions, market volatility, where she shared her thoughts on the possible “shape” of the recovery, and the apparent discrepancy between Main street and Wall Street.  Importantly, she also shared her thoughts on actions investors should consider to optimize the long term value of their portfolios.

“We were thrilled to have had the opportunity to share Liz Ann’s thoughts with Heritage clients” said Sammy Azzouz, Heritage Financial Services President, her host for the Webinar. “Liz Ann’s deep expertise and articulate responses brought clarity to many of the more complex elements that the economy and markets are experiencing.”

This webinar is one of the ways that Heritage Financial Services is keeping clients educated on topics that impact their financial plans.  For more information on Heritage Financial Services approach and process, visit us:, or call us at 781-255-0214.