At Heritage, in addition to comprehensive financial planning, insightful investment management and a team of professionals dedicated to helping you achieve your goals there also are a number of concierge services that Heritage clients enjoy.
In some cases these concierge service partners have been assembled from the many professional relationships we have had the opportunity to work with over our twenty-four years. In others, it was Heritage clients who consistently mentioned services that outperformed expectations, and delivered exceptional experiences.
With every Heritage concierge relationship, Heritage has negotiated with these firms for our client’s benefit (Heritage is not compensated in any way). So explore our categories of providers and see if there is an opportunity to extend the value of your Heritage relationship with this select list of Concierge Services.

Travel Services

Thinking of getting away?  Whether you’re a perpetual student of cultures in new parts of the world, an independent explorer of Africa , or have your sights set on that bucket list trip that includes all of your dreamed of locations, there are select Heritage Concierge program travel partners that can build your personal travel itinerary in just the manner you’d prefer.  And with incentives including discounts, door-to-airport -to-door service, and even complementary luggage, each of our travel partners is looking forward to hearing about your ideal trip!

Automotive Purchase

Historically, excitement about the addition of a new car has been offset by the frustrations associated with dealer lot searches, intrusive sales agents, byzantine purchase negotiations, and lackluster delivery. In the end, the transaction isn’t so much completed as it a mutual cessation of hostilities.

Heritage clients can enjoy a shopping from home experience, with delivery of their selected vehicles to their driveway. Each of these vehicles can be test driven at leisure, reviewed for color and options, and evaluated using a fixed price, eliminating concerns about negotiations. Once clients have selected their vehicle they can complete their purchase in their own home (or office), and receive preferential treatment for all service calls including pickup/drop off loaner vehicles. It’s the better way to purchase a vehicle, and is a concierge service that we’re very excited to offer our clients.

Home Equity Line of Credit/Mortgage

Over the years working with our clients we have had the opportunity to evaluate many real estate finance programs, and have identified financial services organizations that have consistently delivered the strongest programs. These finance offers have been rate and closing cost competitive, with straightforward processes and the operational strength to close transactions quickly and professionally.
Heritage has negotiated a program for clients that provides modest rate or fee offers and assures a very competitive program that will appropriately and competently deliver the critical funding required.

Credit Cards

As your custodian, Charles Schwab provides two different types of American Express cards that enable direct links to your Heritage account.  These cards offer unique benefits, either in points or cashback rewards that will suit the preferences of every Heritage client.

With comprehensive travel benefits, including unique incentives with Uber, airline lounge discounts and significant points bonuses, or 1.5% cashback, let your Heritage relationship provide you with a credit card alternative that can bring you even more benefits!