Heritage Investment Review September 30, 2019

Introduction A good financial advisor focuses on appropriate timeframes when discussing investment results which are best measured over periods of ten years or longer—and we will focus on long-term themes in this investment review. However, we will begin with a brief update on year-to-date asset class returns. Source: Morningstar, Inc. Investing in stocks and bonds… More >

Heritage Investment Review, Second Quarter 2019

Introduction Global stocks and bonds compensated investors quite well over the first half of 2019.  The 12.17%1 global stock market rebound in the first quarter after the late 2018 rout accounted for the majority of the year-to-date return. However, the second quarter saw healthy, normal levels of returns accruing 2.85%1 for a first half-year total… More >

Heritage Investment Review, First Quarter 2019

Introduction During the first quarter of 2019 stock markets around the world rebounded swiftly from their December 2018 lows. The United States’ stock market produced a total return of 14.04%; developed international stock markets 9.98%; and emerging markets’ stocks 9.91%. The high yield bond market in the United States returned 6.89%. Commodities returned 6.32%. Even… More >

Heritage Investment Review, Calendar Year 2018

  Introduction On the whole, investors found 2018 a challenging year. Asset classes aligned with negative returns, both in the United States and internationally. This alignment made multi-asset class, diversified portfolios less effective at limiting losses. We still believe a widely diversified asset allocation benefits investors and smooths the path of returns—improving financial decision-making and… More >

Jeffrey Kleintop, SVP, Charles Schwab & Co. presents “Global Market Outlook” to Heritage Clients

Heritage Financial recently hosted a client event headlined “Global Market Outlook” presented by Jeffrey Kleintop, Senior Vice President at Charles Schwab & Co. and its Chief Global Investment Strategist. Kleintop is responsible for analyzing and discussing international markets, trends and events to help U.S. investors understand their significance and financial implications. He is frequently cited… More >

Heritage Investment Review Three Quarters, 2018

Why Isn’t My Portfolio Keeping Up This Year? Long-Term Diversification & Asset Allocation The S&P 500, the most widely followed stock index, is up 10.56% through the end of the third quarter of 2018. This is a good return for stocks, especially over nine months. It’s natural to conclude: the stock market is having a… More >

Heritage Investment Review First Half 2018

Adjusting the Focus The first half of 2018 has been a difficult investment environment. United States stocks narrowly produced a positive return of 2.06% while developed international stocks were down 4.94% and emerging markets stocks were down 7.59%. Heritage’s alternatives allocation was down 5.75%. Investment grade bonds were down 0.43%. This comes on the heels… More >

Dimensional Fund Advisors VP Weston Wellington presents “Redefining Investment Advice”

On June 28th, Weston Wellington provided insights into how previous concepts of Investment advice are being replaced by a comprehensive strategy that better balances risk/reward elements, and how pricing stability of competitive markets outpaces the tail-chasing methodologies of market timing and the selection biases of equilibrium investing. This differentiated concept of investing is based upon… More >

Heritage Investment Review: Q1 2018

First Quarter 2018 in Context The first quarter of 2018 saw the U.S. stock market increase 7.12% within the first month. Then it fell from its highest point by 10.62% to -3.50%. By the end of the quarter, U.S. stocks had stabilized with a cumulative return of -0.64% . Source: Morningstar, Inc. In our investment… More >

Heritage Investment Review – Year 2017

By all accounts, 2017 was an excellent year for investments. The U.S. stock market was up 21.13%i. Developed international stock markets were up 25.03%ii. Emerging markets’ stocks were up 37.28%iii. U.S. high yield bonds returned 17.16%iv. Global bonds—despite a large portion starting the year with non-existent or negative yields—returned 7.39%v. U.S. real estate returned 6.89%vi…. More >