Couple with complex portfolio approaching retirement

A couple came to us with a large portfolio that included over 200 sizeable investments. These holdings, accumulated over long careers were held in a large number of accounts across many investment organizations. Now approaching retirement, they sought to better organize their portfolio and establish a clear financial plan.


  • Holdings included individual Stocks, Bonds, ETFs, Mutual Funds, closed end funds, precious metals and private equity
  • Large number of investment accounts, across multiple investment firms
  • Significant un-invested cash balance with no short-term needs
  • There was no good way to evaluate investment performance
  • Little attention was paid to tax-efficiency
  • Large concentration of individual equities without any active monitoring
  • Missing original cost basis on older investments
  • Unable to get a clear picture of their collective net worth
  • No one was providing investment or planning guidance that captured all the moving parts
  • Married, with one adult son
  • No estate plan
  • Would like to gain control of all assets and establish a singular, cohesive financial plan


  • Brought all of the different investment accounts into a single portfolio
  • Determined cash-flow requirements to support monthly lifestyle spending needs
  • Developed an appropriate asset allocation model
  • Significantly reduced the number of holdings
  • Researched all older investments to determine cost basis
  • Eliminated concentrated equity positions
  • Invested surplus cash into the new portfolio
  • Improved tax-efficiency through asset selection and location
  • Delivered a comprehensive online dashboard that provides visibility of portfolio holdings and performance
  • Created a financial plan that addresses current portfolio investment strategy, considered additional capital contributions, retirement and inheritance and potential estate tax liabilities
  • Established generational transfer plan


  • Recommended an accountant to identify timing and sequencing of equity sales and provide for administration
  • Provided an introduction to an estate attorney to establish and document inheritance plans
  • Established trust and retirement investment vehicles for benefit of son
  • Coordinated with Insurance professional on Umbrella, P&C requirements
  • Reviewed long term care and current health insurance options with provider
  • Connected client with VIP auto dealer to support purchase


  • Portfolio is now operating with full transparency
  • Implementation of plan is now enabling proactive management
  • Additional family members have been referred in for similar planning
  • Client’s desired succession plan is now enabled