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Barron’s Lists Chuck Bean among America’s Top 1200 Financial Advisors, #13 in MA

Chuck Bean, Founder and President of Heritage Financial, is named among America’s Top 1200 Financial Advisors by Barron’s. This is the seventh year that Chuck has received this prestigious recognition. Barron’s also provides state-by-state rankings, which lists Chuck at #13 in Massachusetts. He has moved three places up from last year’s rankings. According to Barron’s, these… More >

Avoiding Lifestyle Creep

“The fundamental rule regarding wealth building …Whatever your income, always live below your means.” One of my passions as a financial planner is to help people turn their career success into long-term financial success. One does not guarantee the other, and a big reason is the tendency to ramp up your lifestyle as your income… More >

Heritage Financial Named to Bloomberg Markets’ Top 50 RIAs

Heritage Financial Services was listed among the Top 50 Registered Investment Advisers in the country by Bloomberg Markets. “Our firm is greatly appreciative to be named as one of Bloomberg Markets’ Top 50 RIAs in the nation,” says James Scally, Partner and Senior Wealth Manager at Heritage. “The commitment to our clients in offering comprehensive… More >

Why I believe in Heritage Financial’s Investment Philosophy

It’s important to have an investment philosophy – an approach to guide your decisions and ground you during market turmoil – that you can stick to long-term. The discipline to remain committed to your plan means as much as the plan itself. Many different approaches can work given enough time and commitment. What doesn’t work… More >

Every Journey Starts With A Single Step

Today, as I complete 25 years of being in business, my firm Heritage Financial Services is celebrating its 20th anniversary. This journey started in 1990 when I graduated from Boston College with a Finance Degree and took my first job as a sales agent at John Hancock. After a few months of product and sales… More >

How Much is Your Emergency Savings Fund?

A long-standing rule of thumb has been three to six month’s worth of expenses. But that is a broad generalization without any consideration for personal circumstances. An emergency fund may be the best way to protect your finances in a real crisis, and deserves a second look especially if your family or employment situation has… More >