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Are You Behaving Like a Serious Investor?

BY Sammy Azzouz IN Heritage Media Library

There’s a new addition to the personal finance book hall of fame: The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel Housel is an excellent finance writer and former columnist for The Motley Fool and Wall St. Journal. He currently blogs for the Collaborative Fund. This is his first book. Its premise is simple. Doing well with …

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4Q 2020 Review and 2021 Outlook

BY Kristin Castner, CFA IN Look Back, Move Forward

A Look Back: For equity investors, the fourth quarter of 2020 will be remembered as a turning point in the global market recovery. 2020 was a remarkable year for stocks. After hitting new highs early in the year, market prices fell dramatically in the face of a global pandemic, then started a strong recovery just …

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What the Georgia Senate Races Mean for your Wealth

BY Kristin Castner, CFA IN Planning Pulse

Today voters in Georgia take on the task of deciding control of the U.S. Senate by casting votes for two runoff elections in the state. The outcome of these elections could have implications for your wealth, so let’s take a look at the potential outcomes. What Happens If… REPUBLICANS TAKE TWO SEATS? Republicans maintain a …

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Additional COVID-19 Relief: What You Need To Know

BY Ed Jastrem IN Planning Pulse

This past Sunday evening, President Trump signed a combined coronavirus relief and government funding bill that includes $900 billion in COVID-19 aid. Here’s a brief overview of the new legislation for Individuals and Businesses: Additional Direct Payments to Individuals As currently written, stimulus payments are $600 per person ($1,200 per couple) including an additional $600 …

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The Upside of Challenging Times

BY Kristin Castner, CFA IN Management Team Minutes

All of us at Heritage Financial wish to share a heartfelt thank you to our clients, partners and friends of the firm. 2020 was a challenging year for individuals and businesses alike. Somehow, we all found a way to accept, adapt, and push through these challenges. We are hopeful for what lies ahead in 2021 …

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