Karen Keefe

Karen Keefe

Director of Client Services

Karen is a native of Norwood, Massachusetts, in the truest sense – not only was she born and raised there, she worked there for almost two decades, and still lives there with her husband and their two daughters. When she was in high school, Karen was a MVP and an All-Star for volleyball. She worked her way through college as she earned her AS in business secretarial.

Karen started her career at Mitre Corporation doing confidential government work – she had a security clearance for two years. Then, she worked in the tax and audit department at Damon for ten years. For the next fifteen years, Karen was the assistant to the CFO at Horizon House publishing company.

Karen joined Heritage’s client services department in 2003 when the firm was a close-knit group of five people in a small office in Norwood. With Heritage’s steady progress, Karen’s role has evolved to use more sophisticated technology that allows her to service an increasing number of clients efficiently. In 2014, Karen was promoted to director of client services to run what she calls the ‘triage department’ – all client requests for money movements come to her team and she helps prioritize these to ensure that they are managed in an orderly fashion.

When she is not juggling a thousand different tasks at work, Karen likes to keep her hands busy with needle point, crochet, sewing and such crafts. She is also a major movie buff – it’s not easy to match wits with her in a Hollywood trivia contest.