Francesca Simoni

Francesca Simoni

Operations Associate

Fran was brought up in Norwood, Massachusetts, in a house full of laughter and energy. She was the fifth of ten siblings, getting the best of both worlds – attention from elders and authority over youngers.

Fran worked at Polaroid Corporation for twenty years, starting on the assembly line and working her way up to administrative assistant. She even learned how to drive a forklift, when the job so required. She retired from Polaroid in 1993.

When Heritage’s President, Chuck Bean, started his wealth management career in 1990, Fran was one of the first clients he signed. In 2000, Fran joined Heritage as its fourth employee. She handled a variety of tasks at the time, including mailings and organizing client files. When the firm decided to go paperless to increase security of its clients’ files, Fran’s role evolved to organize and maintain the scanned files and folders.

Fran likes to keep her hands busy with sewing, knitting, crochet and stitching clothes. She also enjoys going out for dinner with her friends, and playing pranks on her grandchildren.