Heritage investment review: q1 2017

Twelve Months of Calm Seas in the Wake For the past twelve months, stock returns have been high and the bumpiness experienced to achieve those returns has been low(1). Despite two major events in 2016—Great Britain voting to exit the European Union and a presidential election in the United States—it has been a tame period… More >

Why Investors Should Diversify Globally

One of the distinguishing features of Heritage Financial’s investment philosophy is our belief that investors should diversify globally. While there are many reasons for this that we can explain and relate specifically to a client’s personal situation, this article from CNBC does a nice job highlighting some basic points as to why it makes sense…. More >

First Half 2016: Market and Investment Review

An investor with $1 million set her allocation on the last day of 2015 to 60% in global stocks and 40% in bonds. She left for Tuscany determined to completely relax. As part of this she resolved to avoid reading any newspapers or articles on the markets. She took a deep breath and determined to… More >

Don’t Take the Market’s Lowball Offer

Have you ever sold your house? It’s usually an emotional process involving many important steps: 1. Finding a realtor to guide you through a major transaction 2. Following their advice on repairs and updates to make the home salable 3. Deciding on a listing price after reviewing recent comparable transactions and market availability 4. Figuring… More >

Q1 2016: Market and Investment Review

One of the simple but powerful maxims in investing is buy low, sell high. It’s intuitive logically but difficult behaviorally. Over and over, investors — non-professional and professional alike — panic when an asset class declines and, metaphorically, ‘run for the door’. Buying into a declining asset is difficult psychologically; increasing your stake in that… More >

Why I believe in Heritage Financial’s Investment Philosophy

It’s important to have an investment philosophy – an approach to guide your decisions and ground you during market turmoil – that you can stick to long-term. The discipline to remain committed to your plan means as much as the plan itself. Many different approaches can work given enough time and commitment. What doesn’t work… More >